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Dr. med. Sabine Schonert-Hirz

Embrace your stress! You’ll need it for everything you want to achieve. Stress lifts your spirits and boosts your performance. But how much is too much?

Keeping stress in balance can be a real challenge. I can help. Not only as a leading expert in the field of stress management, but also as a physician, businesswoman, TV presenter, mother of two, wife, and daughter of aging parents, I know what it takes to conquer stress. For more than twenty years, I have transformed the lives of my clients by empowering them with effective tools to lead successful, happy lives.

Dr. Stress for...

Conference organizers, incentive planners and event managers

Looking for an exciting and inspiring talk as the highlight of your conference? Let’s talk.

Dr. Stress for...

Businesspeople, executives and human resource managers

Stressed employees can affect your corporate success and reputation. Learn how to help.

Dr. Stress for...

Conference visitors, seminar participants and advice seekers

Need someone that understands you, encourages you and boosts your confidence? I’m on your side.

"…please pass on my thanks to Dr. Sabine. I found her element particularly interesting and hopefuly I can help the team here in Mostyn, once I get my head around it."

HS&E-Manager, RWE Innogy, GB


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